Stephany Burton Haircuts Hair Coloring & Extensions

Stephany Burton

Beginning her career in 2007, Stephany has grown to be an internationally certified master hair colorist who also works as an educator for Schwarzkopf Professional in the global market.

Consistent travel has help her stay inspired and up to date in the fashion and beauty industries. Her philosophy is that your hair is an extension of you, literally and figuratively. It is usually one first things people notice about you. Her main goal is to assist in guiding you thru your hair dreams to a look and style that is unique, while fitting to your personality, attitude and lifestyle. Has there always been a hair color you wanted to try or need some inspiration, Stephany has your back. Global trends are what she helps create and teach all over the world so never worry about out dated color or not knowing what’s in. She will gladly guide the way to keep you in modern and relevant.

Bookings available for any hair coloring service, haircuts, and keratins.